Personal Computer Services


When you bring your computer to Dave's Computer Repair and Sales, we know how important it is to you.

Forget the dog...your computer is the 21st century "Man's Best Friend." You use it to manage your life, to help your kids do their homework, to reach out to the world...

So when it needs to be repaired or replaced, it's stressful. It helps to know that your technician remembers it isn't just a machine--it's a machine that helps you manage your life.

Our home computer services will have things working again. And if it's time to say goodbye and replace it, we'll make the process go smoothly.


We're local to North County. We go to the same grocery stores you do and drive the same streets. You're our neighbor and we want you to walk away happy, with as little inconvenience as possible.

So give us a call at (760) 432-2095 or use our Contact Form and we'll get back to you ASAP


Our Personal & Home Computer Services

New & Custom-Built Computers

We'll help you find the exact computer to meet your needs. And if we can't, we'll build it.

Maintenance & Repair

Bring your equipment into our shop at 112 N. Kalmia Street in Escondido We'll fix any problems you've encountered and keep your equipment running at peak performance.

Factory-Refurbished Computers

When needed features and price don't exactly match, a factory-refurbished computer might be the answer. Just like new, only less $$.

Software Installation & Support

Software installation can be a headache. We'll install it and even teach you how to use it--so that you go home confident.

Virus, Spyware, & Malware Protection & Removal

Be safe! Hackers have the power to make your life a living nightmare. We'll help you protect your computer. Post-attack, we'll clean it up, too.

Network Setup & Support

From a simple router installation to a mind-blowing network that will support multiple streaming devices, we can set it up and keep it working.